Did you know that Richmond is the first community in the United States to pass comprehensive tobacco control legislation, including smoke-free multi-unit housing?

23rd & Macdonald

In January, 2011, all condos, duplexes and other multi-family housing in Richmond became 100% smoke-free.

That means that units, common spaces, balconies, and all parts of multi-unit housing are smoke-free, including 25 feet from doors and windows.

You can read the revised text of the Richmond Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Ordinance as a downloadable PDF.

The enforcement of the ordinance is under the direction of the Richmond Police Department's Regulatory Unit. The Richmond Regulatory Unit phone number is 510-965-4910.

According to the Regulatory Unit, "If an incident is currently in progress, i.e. they are observing their neighbor smoking in their apartment right now, they are to contact dispatch to have an officer respond and observe for evidentiary purposes. The officer will document this in progress situation and forward this investigation to our unit for follow up. The Richmond dispatch number is 233-1214."

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